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Ten Centurions has received some welcome new radio coverage since the release of Visa-Age

Since the release of Visa-Age Ten Centurions has found its way onto the airwaves in three different countries! On Kane FM in Guildford thanks to our great supporter Colin Spencer; On TD1 Radio in Scotland thanks to Donald Moffat and his 'Rebel on the Radio' show; On Radio Belluno in Italy with a full week-long special from Nick Simcock on his 'Nick al Mic' show; and once more on Riverside Radio in London with Joe Ward and Forever Synth.


A cover version of the song 'Visa-Age' was released on 10th November 2020 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Visage's first album.

Visa-Age Promo Cover.jpg

This first release from Ten Centurions for over three years is a driving, moody and colourful take on the original Visage song. Synth patches have been invented from scratch to make this a cover like no other! Out now on all major digital platforms!


Release of 'Elastic' on 28th August 2020 as a unique collaboration between The Truth Sounds Different and David Vaughan.

In response to a request from DJ Colin Spencer, David Vaughan is the featured vocalist on this classic-sounding synth pop release by The Truth Sounds Different on the Pink Dolphin electronic music label.


October 2017 saw the release of a 5-song EP to launch Ten Centurions into the digital domain.

The Ten Centurions debut release can be found on all major platforms for both streaming and download. It was met with immediate interest from long-time synth pop enthusiast Rusty Egan who featured the band on his radio show, the Electronic Family Tree.


Listen to the full interview with Joe Ward for "Ever Synth The Eighties"

Joe Ward heard about Ten Centurions from fellow deejay Ian Barclay and decided to bring David in as a guest on his "Ever Synth The Eighties" show on what was then Wandsworth Radio. Have a listen!

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